Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcome to QG's Book Reviews!

For several years I have posted frequent book reviews on my personal blog, Quotidian Grace. In the last several months I began receiving requests from publishers to read and review their books and decided that it was time to create a second blog just for book reviews.

For the time being, I will continue to post my reviews on both blogs. In the future I may decide just to post them here. Welcome to my QG readers! I hope you will enjoy this book blog as well.

My primary interest is books on religion and faith. However I am an eclectic reader and will also review good contemporary and historical fiction as well as books on history and current events. And anything else that strikes my fancy!

Although I always try to find something good in any book I review, sometimes I will post a negative review. Usually the books I review are ones that I think will appeal to my friends and readers. 

I'm always interested in my readers' opinions, so please leave your comments--especially if you have read a book I review.

The first book review will be posted this Monday and includes a giveaway of Philip Yancey's new book What Good is God? Check back then and leave a comment if you would like to enter the drawing for the book.